Visit of Twente University (UT) delegation from Netherlands to USTC

  • [2013-06-09]
  •   In early June, an eight-people delegation from Twente University including Prof. Ed Brinksma, the President, Prof. Gerard van der Steenhoven, Dean of Science and Technology School, and professors from other faculties paid a visit to our university. They were warmly welcomed by President HOU Jianguo, Vice President CHEN Chusheng, as well as leaders and professors from relevant schools. 

    In the morning, President HOU met with the delegation in the Administration Building and presented an introduction of the Institute of Advanced Technology in USTC. Presidents from the two universities also held further talks on carrying out cooperation in future. 

    Vice President CHEN briefed the delegation on our history and developing goals, elite education and the latest scientific research highlights. 

    President Ed Brinksma from UT voiced his gratitude for the delicate preparations made for their visit. He stated that cooperation between the two sides in scientific research, student exchanges and other aspects has accomplished certain outcome since the last visit to UT by USTC. We share a lot in common and he himself was also quite bound with our university. As early as 1981 when he was still a student at the University of Groningen, on behalf of the school football team, he came to Hefei and visited USTC where they played a football match with ours. 

    After the meeting, President HOU and Ed Brinksma signed a cooperation memorandum between the two universities. Other cooperation agreements were also achieved by two parties. 

    Subsequently, the delegation paid a visit to the Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Laboratory, HTS Laboratories, Single Molecular Sciences Laboratory of the National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale. 

    In the afternoon, the delegation also visited Institute of Plasma Physics and High Magnetic Field Science Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Branch and National Laboratory of Synchrotron Radiation. 

    For years, UT and our university have undertaken effective collaboration in various fields, both scientific research and student exchange. 
    As the only campus university in Dutch, Twente is innovative and research-oriented in both technique and social sciences. Although it is one of the youngest and smallest, it is recognized as one of the highest in quality. In 2012 it was ranked 187 in world university rankings by the British newspaper The Times and regarded as a comprehensive university with engineering and business, and other professional majors.


    (USTC News Center)


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